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Say hello to ChopeMC, Asia's Minecraft Network™.

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What is ChopeMC?

ChopeMC is a Premium Minecraft Server which specializes, but isn't limited to making a truly unique survival experience for players who are tired and bored of playing vanilla Minecraft.

Experience the new & refined.

It's time to ditch other servers. Why we are just simply better.

Feature ChopeMC Other servers
Survival Gamemode
Known as Survival+
Essentials Command System
/home, /spawn, etc.
Custom Terrain & Biomes
Custom Items 1
Custom Enchants
No Item & Mob Restrictions 2
Minimal, so minimal, it won't affect gameplay

Get banned for having too many Villagers. What?!
Economy Style Player-driven Shops
Minimal inflation, fair for new players
Mostly Server/Admin Shops
Makes money inflated and worthless
Land Claiming
It just works

Hard to use, Outdated systems
Play to win
Paying goes more to supporting us

Pay to get unfair and often overpowered advantages over others
Extended Day/Night Cycles 1 real life hour, 1 Minecraft Day 20mins in real life, 1 Minecraft Day
1 Slimefun4 items. May be subject to certain restrictions for the purpose of performance optimisation, to ensure consistent gameplay experience.
2 Mobs may be removed if rule is abused.


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We make it easy for content creators to interact and engage with their fanbase, closing the streamer-viewer gap.

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